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I was going to post some pictures from last night, but apparently I don't have the right USB-cable-thingie anymore. *sigh* I'll have to wait until my dad gives me back my regular camera. (He lost his, so he borrowed mine, so I was stuck using my very first digital camera. It has 2.0 megapixels! It was the top of the line six years ago! Now, not so much.) (I'd have taken the camera I use for my photography classes, but it's too expensive and I didn't want to risk it.)

So I went to our usual bar with Trisha last night, and we were chatted up by two random English guys. It's like nobody talks to me for an entire year, and the very day I get a boyfriend everyone wants a piece. *rolls eyes* Anyway, I got a lot of compliments on my English, although they didn't like my American accent. So I proceeded to call them "dude" for the rest of the night. I also convinced one of them I was an axe murderer. MUWHAHAHAHAHA*coughchokecough*haha.

The Boy came by around midnight, so at least I started the new year off on the right foot. ^_^ He then introduced me to all his friends. Dude, that man has HORDES of them. I was actually quite close to a panic attack, but I managed. Go me?

Anyway, I just want to wish everyone all the very best for 2009. I hope you guys all have a great year! ♥♥♥
Tags: life; the universe; and everything, the boy, trisha
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