the best of us can find happiness in misery (utterbasketcase) wrote,
the best of us can find happiness in misery

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I went shopping for a birthday present for a friend yesterday, and for some reason I ended up with two weird frog things that made frog noises. WHAT THE HELL, SELF? I kept one of them because why would you give someone two frog-noise-making things? I now have a frog-thing on my desk. It keeps staring at me. 0_o

Last night was a kind of small reunion for the people who were at my first therapy-place. Awkward me was awkward. I was offered a ride home by two people I don't really know that well and my brain went into full freak-out mode. I was like NO THAT'S OKAY! I'M TIRED ANYWAY! I'M LEAVING RIGHT NOW! BYE! *runs away* Stupid social phobia. D:
Tags: life; the universe; and everything
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