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People ask me all the time what I'm listening to, and obviously I'm a raging narcissist so I feel obliged:

Alphabeat - This is Alphabeat
This is a couple years old now but I saw them at an award show in Belgium not too long ago. I really really really wish I wrote "Fascination."

I just read this and I was like: I WAS THERE! *FLAILFLAILFLAIL*

I've come to the conclusion that I will never grow up.

Also, today my nail lady told me she had the PERFECT little nail stickers for me: SKULLS! Other nail lady: "YES! You can't give her flowers or butterflies!" Other customer: "EXACTLY! Those are too nice for her!"
0_o Apparently I'm not nice? DDDD: I like flowers and butterflies! I just let her put the skulls on because I was too shy to say anything. *sigh*
Tags: bandom, fob, life; the universe; and everything
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