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I finally saw The Academy Is... yesterday!
They played at the Groezrock festival.
I caught a guitar pick and three (3!) setlists (I didn't notice there were three until I was walking away, or I would have given one to another fangirl), which I was pretty excited about, until about an hour later.


He was just randomly walking around with one of the techs, and I was like o_0 *blink* o_0. Then I spent about three minutes wondering whether to adress him as “The Butcher” or “Andy”. I DON'T KNOW, OKAY. I MIGHT ACCIDENTALLY INSULT HIM. I DO THAT.

Anyway, I finally just went for “Andy”, and he didn't seem angry, so yay for me! Don't worry, bandom, I didn't say anything about bandslash. I did apologise for bothering him at least five times.

He was really nice. I asked where Adam was, because The Butcher had actually played bass during the show and they had a replacement drummer, and apparently he'd sliced a tendon? He's okay, though.

I also asked why there wasn't any TAI merch (I was making conversation whilst searching for my camera), and apparently they never bring any merch to festivals. :(

He very graciously posed for a picture with me and signed a couple of post-its for me and Linda (I should have just given him a setlist to sign, but the thought never even crossed my mind) (I'm easily confused). He was seriously awesome.

I'll post the pic and scans of everything as soon as I have regular internet service again (still no new key).

Now I'm actually feeling kind of bad for bothering him, but he was just walking around, and I did apologise a trillion times, and I asked nicely, so that's okay, right? Right? *feels bad*
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