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Here's the weirdest thing that has happened to me in long time.

Three years ago I was in therapy with Salem and a girl who I blogged about briefly, who was his girlfriend for a week.

I'm back in therapy at the same place now, and for the first couple of weeks a guy named Gert was in my group. We became friends, and I found out he was dating that very same girl.

He told her about me, and she was NOT PLEASED. Apparently, and I have no idea why, she felt so threatened by me she made up a lie to keep Gert away from me. She told him I once put liquid extasy in her friend's glass. WHUT?! 0.o o.0 0.o

Um, I kind of feel flattered because she obviously thinks I'm a real threat, but she has succeeded in convincing Gert to stay away from me, and that sucks. :o(

I'm just really shocked that someone would lie about me like that. She hasn't ever really talked to me, but she hates me that much? I've never done anything to her! *sigh*

People are weird.
Tags: salem, therapy
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