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Drama Queen (young and sweet, only seventeen...)

Maybe I should just buy myself a crown and get it over with.

My cell phone just broke. Well, technically, I suppose it broke last night, when I dropped it, but I only noticed just now. The left row of buttons won't work anymore. And I can't take the cover off and adjust the keypad, because the cover is glued on. Didn't really stop me from trying, but the only thing I accomplished with that is adding some very unattractive scratches to my already banged-up phone. And I was stupid enough to turn it off because I thought that might help, so now I can't turn it on anymore because I can't enter my code.

Now, normally, this wouldn't really bother me that much, because I hardly ever use my phone anyway. But of course, today is the day my ex-BFF decides to text me back to ask if I want to go to the movies. I haven't really seen or talked to this girl for two years, but she used to be, like, my soul mate, so I'd really like to go. Of course I can't answer her, because my phone's dead, and I can't call her on the land line, because, well, I don't really do telephone conversations unless it's my dad, my grandmother, or The Ex. I cannot talk to anyone else over the telephone. Cannot. No way.

So what did I do? I went hysterical. Called The Ex in tears, proceeded to have a complete breakdown. Of course, Ex failed to see the problem, because if I can call him, I can call my best friend, right? Well, no. She was my best friend two years ago. She's a stranger now. I feel awkward around people I haven't seen for a week, and I haven't seen this girl (I'll call her Linda) in two years. Of course, his failure to recognize my problem only made me cry harder. I had to end the conversation, because I couldn't even talk anymore.

I then had the wonderful idea that maybe if I threw my phone on the floor again, it would fix it. I mean, that's how the keypad got knocked out of place, right? Maybe I can knock it back into place. Yeah. Maybe not the greatest idea, but hey, worth a shot. Didn't work.

So I thought, hey, don't they have this service on MSN where you can text your contacts? Yep. Doesn't work. No idea why. I paid for it and everything. Bill Gates is against me. *Sigh*

I just ended up sending Linda an e-mail. She never reads her e-mails, but it was really the only thing I could do. I'll text her again once I get the cell phone fixed, but it'll probably take her another two years to answer me again. *Sigh*

Well, at least I've calmed down a bit. Having this blog really helps with that. I think I'll still cry myself to sleep, though. It's what drama queens do, isn't it?

Basket Case
Tags: absurd, depression, rant
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