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Why I never update anymore

Basically, my ISP hates me. I'm serious. Two months ago they started accusing me of downloading so much that my bill went up 2,000€ in under one hour. THAT'S NOT EVEN PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE. Not to mention that I wasn't even anywhere near Spencer the Sassy Laptop at the time. I was at the shrink's, and my laptop was off. I called my friend Teddy, who works in a Mobistar (my ISP) store, and he looked into it. I decided to have my access blocked for the rest of the month, to keep from making it worse. When the bill came, it was just the normal amount. Phew, I thought, they just messed up, no biggie.

Last month, THEY DID IT AGAIN. Except this time, they blocked my access themselves, and they told me I had to pay 3,500€ before they'd consider unblocking it. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN- Bill comes, and yep, 3,500€. I CANNOT PAY THAT AND ALSO I DID NOT DOWNLOAD THAT MUCH OKAY. SPENCER DOESN'T HAVE THAT KIND OF MEMORY. NEITHER DOES HENRY THE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE.

Teddy is still looking into it. I've borrowed my dad's USB internet thingy, so I'll be able to come online for the next couple of days (he's on vacation), but after that, I'll probably disappear again. :( I just hope Teddy can fix it. I miss mah intarwebz. D:
Tags: boarding the failboat, teh intarwebz
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