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the best of us can find happiness in misery

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...To be loved

Well, what do you know, Linda actually read her e-mail and answered me! She only did so just a minute ago, though, so it's a little too late to go to the movies yesterday, but she should be able to go next weekend. And she actually gave me an other e-mail address that she checks every day. I feel so loved.

I also commented on someone else's LJ yesterday, which probably sounds very uneventful for you, gentle readers, but for me it included sweaty hands, an upset stomach and a headache from hell. i_have_no_mind was really nice to me though, and she's even making me a new icon!

Hence my really good mood. I'm sure something horrible will happen in the next couple of hours, though. I'm never this lucky. *shifty eyes*

Basket Case
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