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Guinea pigs

Does anyone here have guinea pigs? I got two from Libby, who didn't have enough time to take care of them anymore, and they kind of hate me.

Every time I move or dare to look at them, they'll race back into their little house to hide from me and they'll sit there, glaring.

Every time I open the cage, they'll immediately start squeaking at me (and not a happy kind of squeaking), whilst still hiding.

Every time I try to pick one up, they'll squeak so loudly the neighbors probably think I'm slaughtering pigs in here.

DO NOT WANT. D: Why don't they like me? I've been told to make sure to spend some time holding them every day, and I have, but it's not helping at all. They seem scared to death of me. I JUST WANT TO BE THEIR FRIEND, OKAY? HOW DO I ACCOMPLISH THIS AMAZING FEAT?

At least the ratties still love me. ♥
Tags: life; the universe; and everything, piggies
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