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The breakup - thoughts?

Okay, I'd made a video about this, but all the video uploading sites are hating on me right now, so I'll have to type it out.

The Boy dumped me. Just like that. No warning, no conversation, no second chance, nothing. Pretty much just "Okay, it's over now. kthxbai."

Kawhuh? o_0

Oh, and apparently he'd been planning on dumping me for a couple of weeks now. And he'd had doubts since CHRISTMAS LAST YEAR. Gee, thanks for letting me know! I guess I'm just not worth a conversation about it? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU DO IN A RELATIONSHIP. YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR ISSUES. You don't just let the other person think that everything's okay! And you definitely don't LIE TO THEIR FACE when they ask you if everything's all right. You don't tell them not to worry about getting dumped when THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE PLANNING TO DO.

Sorry about the caps lock. I'm just a teeny bit upset, you see. I have about -5% self-confidence, but even I would have treated myself better. I at least deserved a conversation, no?

Am I just expecting too much from a person who I've been dating for almost two years? Anyone?
Tags: dumped again, life; the universe; and everything, people suck, the boy

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