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Of cookies and paintbrush attacks

The day started off rather nicely, with Salem offering me a cookie right after the start of the day meeting, and asking me if I wanted to play cards. (I don't know why people still feel like they need to ask me, I always want to play cards.)

So we played for a while, until we were allowed to go into ergo-therapy. I'd made some plaster (?) figurines, and I asked Salem if he would like to paint some of them. He did, so we spent the next two hours making angels with fluorescent green wings and blue skin, cats with Zorro masks, and goth Virgin Marys. Yay for silliness!

And then I just had to go and have one of my typical "Stuperb Moments With Basket Case" (TM). As Salem was waiting for the paint to dry on one of his statues, he closed his eyes, and I poked him on the cheek with my paintbrush. No biggie, right? Naughty, yes, but not rude. Except, as we later found out, the paint didn't come off. So poor Salem had to walk around all day with a metallic grey stain on his face.

I suck. That is all.

Basket Case

PS: I'm going to stop crediting the artist that made the icon on every single post. I'll still credit them on my user pics page and when I use them for the first time. That okay for everyone?
Tags: absurd, salem, therapy
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