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Why I shouldn't be allowed near a cell phone after I've taken my sleep medication

Because I start sending embarrassing text messages to random people, that's why!

Okay, maybe not entirely random people, but they were still embarrassing messages.

Salem probably hates me even more now. Though he did keep texting me back, bless his little cotton socks.

I really should find a reason to start hating him or something. *Le sigh*

I do plan on asking him exactly what it is about me that makes me not good enough for him, because I'd really like to know. I need to get him alone to do that, though. Which isn't very likely to happen anytime soon.

Oh, and I've made a new friend, btw. Her name's Alexis, and she sort of adores me. She's obviously quite insane. Which is probably why she's in therapy. (I've got a good point there, haven't I?)

Meh, once she finds out I fucking suck, she'll just leave me behind anyway. *Sigh*

Basket Case
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