September 21st, 2006


It's my birthday and I cannot find a cause for celebration

No piercings for me. *pout* Not because of me chickening out, though. The Ex discovered he was very broke. Which I'm not complaining about, for the record.

My dad bought me the wrong shoes, even though we'd been by the store earlier and I pointed out the ones I wanted. (Not as a "Buy me this for my birthday!", more of a "See, I like these.") We were able to exchange them for the right ones, though, so yay! (I would've just shut up and appreciated the gift, but they were really, really ugly, and my dad did tell me he'd probably picked the wrong ones)

I went by my grandmother's, and we looked at some very old family pictures together. Turns out I look exactly like my aunt when she was my age. (Except that she was prettier.) I love looking at old pictures. Everyone looks so young and happy. And my uncle actually used to have hair! Heh.

My dad and I had the following conversation in the car en route to my grandmother:
Me: "So, would you kill me if I got my lip pierced?"
Dad: "Buh?"
Me: "If I got my lip pierced, would you kill me?"
Dad: "Probably."
Me: "No, seriously?"
Dad: "I don't like lip piercings."
Me: "But would you cut me off like you did with Half-brother?"
Dad: "That's a completely different situation."
Me: "But would you?"
Dad: "[sarcasm]Yes.[/sarcasm] Quit asking me stupid questions.
Me: "So you wouldn't leave me?"
Dad "At least wait until you've had a month of therapy."
Me: "OKAY!"

All in all, it's been a good day. So the title really makes no sense. But I really like that song, so I'm leaving it. Meh.

Basket Case

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