September 24th, 2006


Shoes! My kingdom for shoes!

Okay, I know I look 16, but dude? You look 12. There's no way you're my age. So quit staring at me. Especially when I'm eating. Especially when I'm eating while trembling terribly from the new medication I'm taking. I feel awkward enough without you watching my every move, mmkay? (I went to a restaurant with my dad for my birthday dinner)

I also bought another pair of shoes. I know, two pairs in four days are a bit much, but I hadn't bought any new shoes for about a year, so I really needed some.

I ran into my old friend Teddy, he works in a shoe store. We used to talk on MSN, like, every day, but he hasn't really been on much since he got the job. I felt kind of awkward about not buying anything from him, but he seemed genuinely happy to see me. Sorry dude, but those boots are just too expensive. :-/ I found a prettier pair in a different store for 115€ less. I hope Teddy doesn't work on commission. I should ask. Though it'll probably just make me feel worse. Maybe I shouldn't ask. Hmm.

But, hey, it's great that I actually went outside, right?

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