September 26th, 2006


*insert witty title here*

I just got back from the medication check-up-thing.

I can't get over how nice this doctor is being to me. All my previous shrinks pretty much just glared at me for an hour. This one actually smiles at me. And she asks questions! (Which my previous shrink didn't, so we pretty much just sat there in silence. Not fun.)

She says the headaches, trembling and nauseousness I have from the new medication should go away soon. The side-effects usually only last for ten days.

Oh, and the pants I ordered a few weeks ago arrived yesterday, so I wore them for the first time today. They're quite goth. It's amazing how many people stared at me. I mean, really. A lot of older people looked utterly scandalized. I don't even know why. Here, I'll add a picture of the pants:

(Not me)
They're really not that bad, are they? I mean, they cover up all the bits they're supposed to cover up. I really don't see what's so shocking.


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