October 8th, 2006


In which I go voting, find a cat with magic powers and watch a crappy movie

Phew, long day.

First, I got up at 7 to go voting. I wanted to avoid the large crowds of people so I went extra early. (I wouldn't have gone at all, except for the fact that voting is mandatory here and you get fined if you don't go.)

I got there at about 8.15 AM. Loooooooong line of people. Building was supposed to open at eight, but nothing had happened yet.

8.20 AM: Representative steps out of building, announces that they got the wrong disks (French ones instead of Flemish ones) for the voting machines and that they need to have someone drive up to Brussels to get the right ones. It would take at least an hour. Half of the crowd leaves, one fourth of the crowd gets really pissed off and the last fourth decides to wait in silence. I was in the latter part of the crowd. I didn't really see the point in coming back later, because it was an half-hour walk home.

9.15 AM: Representative comes back, announces that it will be at least another half-hour. More people leave. I decide to sit it out.

9.35 AM: I spot Ex's father arriving, wave at him. Ex's father talks to some people and leaves.

9.45 AM: Representative again, announces that it will take at least until 11 AM. Yet more people leave. There's about 10 of us still waiting patiently. News crews arrive, start shooting footage.

10.10 AM: Disks arrive. Crowd feels relieved. News crews start interviewing people.

10.20 AM: Representative announces that disks work, voting should start any minute now. Crowd is very happy.

10.30 AM: News crew approaches yours truly. Doors open. Crowd storms in. No interview with me today.

10.31 AM: I vote blank.

10.43 AM: Get picked up by Ex on way home. Decide to accompany him to voting bureau place thing.

10.48 AM: Spot mother and boyfriend in line at voting bureau place thing, go over to say hello. Mother remarks on how the medicines must be working because I'm extra perky today. I shrug.

10.56 AM: Ex announces that shops are open in city today because of "Longest Day"-thing. Birthday money is still burning a hole in my pocket, so I ask if he wants to go. He does. Yay!

11.14 AM: Arrive in city to find shops closed. Pout. Read sign in window announcing shops open at 13.30 PM. Smile.

11.20 AM: Find bar that's open, order Fanta.

11.23 AM: Get Fanta from grumpy waiter who won't even look at me. Pay for Fanta and Ex's drink.

11.24 AM: Drink Fanta.

11.42 AM: Get bored with sitting in bar. Decide to go walk around to look at shop windows.

12.35 PM: Complain that legs hurt.

13.30 PM (well, obviously PM, but I'm writing it anyway): Rejoice in fact that shops are now open!

13.32 PM: Find cutest little punk/goth store. Remember birthday money burning hole in pocket. Buy:
- 1 messenger bag
- 1 wallet
- 3 pairs of arm warmers
- 1 pair of earrings
- 1 necklace
- 1 diadem (Is that a word?)
- 1 wristband with matching bracelets

13.43 PM: Realise that I've gone a bit overboard, but I'm squeeing about all my new stuff anyway.

13.58 PM: Get told by Ex that medicines must be working, because I seem extra perky today. Shrug.

14.36 PM: Decide to visit grandmother since I'm in the city anyway.

15.12 PM: Get told by grandmother that medicines must be working because I seem extra perky today. Shrug.

15.47 PM: Leave grandmother's, after having been told that I have a big butt. (My grandmother can hardly see, by the way, but apparently my butt is big enough for her to spot anyway.)

16.04 PM: Arrive home, find cat in hallway. Stare at cat while contemplating possible hallucinogenic side-effects of medicines.

16.05 PM: Confirm with Ex that cat is really there.

16.06 PM: Stare at cat while trying to figure out how the hell it can get in through locked doors.

16.07 PM: Pick up cat, go to ask landlady about cat.

16.08 PM: Get scratched by cat. Hold onto it anyway.

16.09 PM: Show cat to landlady. Find out that cat is half-feral and gets fed by landlady occasionally.

16.10 PM: Get scratched by cat. Put cat outside.

16.12 PM: Show landlady where cat was found. Boggle at mystery of locked doors and cat.

16.33 PM: Conclude that cat has magic powers.

16.58 PM: Finally get rid of landlady.

17.02 PM: Shoo cat away from front door. (I love cats, but I also own 7 rats and 3 mice, which won't get along with cat.)

17.07 PM: Spot cat with something in mouth. Ex decides to go after cat while I change stuff from my old wallet to my new one.

17.09 PM: Get informed by Ex that thing in mouth was mouse and that he has failed to get it away from cat. Mouse is probably dead now.

17.10 PM: Find cat, look at thing in mouth. Conclude that it is a dead mouse.

17.11 PM: Spot cat dropping dead mouse, shoo cat away to give mouse decent burial.

17.12 PM: Conclude that dead mouse is actually very much alive, but in shock.

17.13 PM: Pick up mouse, check for deadly wounds. Find only minor scratches. Carry mouse as far away from cat as possible, have Ex shoo cat away in opposite direction.

17.14 PM: Put down mouse and tell it in very stern voice to not let self get caught by cat ever again.

17.16 PM: Wash mouse blood off hands.

17.17 PM: Hug pet mice, tell them in very stern voice to not let selves be caught by cat ever.

17.19 PM: Decide to go over to Ex's house to watch movie.

17.24 PM: Arrive at Ex's house, decide to watch Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason.

18.57 PM: Conclude that movie was fairly crappy. Feel very tired and decide to go home.

19.02 PM: Arrive home, sit down at computer and write very, very long post on LJ.

20.30 PM: Finish post.

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