October 23rd, 2006


Of children's games and huge heads

Start of the week meeting: Not interesting.

Body-orientated therapy: First we had to do something that I for the life of me cannot remember. Then we had to pair up and draw each other's outline on special mats. Then we had to go around and write stuff down in everyone's outline. Apparently, I'm insecure and scared. O RLY?

Then I had an appointment with the doctor, which went quite well.


Sports: We played a lot of stupid children's games. I won a round of "stoelendans" ("Musical chairs"?) and two rounds of "1 2 3 Piano" (I have no clue what that is in English. It's the game where the leader stands at one end of the room and all others on the other end. Then the leader turns around, says "1 2 3 Piano" or some such nonsense, turns back around, sees if anyone's moving, sends them back, turns around again, etc. The goal of the game is to get to the other end of the room. You have to stand motionless when the leader's looking.) (I know, I can't explain stuff).

Narrative group: We talked about having children. Well, they talked about having children. I just sort of sat there trying not to fall asleep. I did have to say something at the end, though. I just told them I'd start by finding a boyfriend and then I'd start worrying about children. For some reason, everyone thought that was really funny. 0_o

End of the day meeting: Cute guy stopped checking me out. I think he likes the new girl. I knew I should have jumped his bones when I had the chance. *grumble*

My dad and I went to buy some stuff so I could start doing charcoal drawings at home.

My mom came by to take me to the city hall to change the address on my identity card. Of course, I couldn't remember the code, so my card got blocked and we had to order a new one. For which I had to have another picture taken. So we went to the photographer down the street. My God, my head is friggin' HUGE! *sigh* Anyway, they'll send me a letter when the new card is ready.

Oh, and I also texted half-brother today, asking him if he could fix something on my scooter. He said yes, but then I sent him another message and he hasn't answered that one. :-/

That's all from me today.

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