October 24th, 2006



Today, we had ergotherapy all day. I finished two drawings, but I couldn't take them home because there weren't any folders available.

After Lunch, Geralda, Seren (The punky girl with the girl-crush on me) and me went to the little punky/gothy store. Geralda wanted me to ask the person behind the cash register where he got his eyebrows tattooed. So I did. I also whacked Seren across the face in my attempt to describe where I thought the tattoo shop was.

I then whacked her across the face again in ergotherapy while I was warning her to not come too close or I might whack her again. Clumsiest. Person. Alive. (And I mean me.)

I've nothing against her, really. It wasn't on purpose.


That's all from me today.

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