October 26th, 2006


Of holes in my face and silly card games


So yesterday I went to the piercing-shop with Geralda to ask if I needed to make an appointment. The guy there was very friendly, and he told me that I needed to make an appointment because they needed to measure out exactly where they would put the piercings, and that could take half an hour. He also said I probably need to get the bottom two first, wait until they heal, and then go back for the top one. My lips might get a little stiff the first few days, so it's better to do one lip at a time. Oh, and I'll probably get a discount for having so many piercings done there. Yay!

I told my dad, and after some discussion he said he'd pay for them. Double yay! He probably just gave in because he knew I wouldn't change my mind.

I wanted to go back and get a definitive appointment today, but the shop was closed. I've asked my dad to call them tomorrow.

Today, I did absolutely nothing before lunch. Well, okay, I played Uno with some people, but that's not really therapy, is it? It was great fun, though (And I'm quite good at Uno!).

After lunch, I went to the piercing-shop as I said. I also went with Geralda to make an appointment for her and Libby to get permanent eyeliner tattooed. Geralda's going on the 23rd of November and Libby on the 13th of December. Libby has asked me to go with her. I'll probably ask her to come with me when I get the piercings done (God, it seems like I can't talk about anything else anymore. *Rolls eyes at self*).

After that, we had expressive therapy, which mostly consisted of us playing with clay. I liked that.

Then, body-orientated therapy, where we had to make a lot of eye-contact with each other. I didn't like that. (Though Salem has very nice eyes.) (And a cute butt, too!) (Did I just type that out loud?)

I kind of made friends with the new girl, Jessie. She seemed really lonely and shy, so I asked her to come play Uno with us. She did, and she had a lot of fun. Aren't I nice? :P

Anyway, that was about everything interesting that happened today. See you tomorrow!

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