October 29th, 2006


Of fake blood and cancer sticks

Yesterday, I went to buy groceries with my dad. He told me my mom might have put some money on my account, so we decided to go check. 600€!! *Squee!*

I immediately went and bought some new clothes.

When I got home, the Ex was there. We went for another trip on his motorbike. He asked if I wanted to go on a Halloween-themed walking tour that night, and I thought that might be a good idea so I said yes. I bought some cat-ears and fake blood for the occasion (Well, for once, I could afford it. :P).

He dropped me off at home and then, just as he was about to drive off, casually mentioned that two friends of his were coming with us. 0_o Uh, and you waited until now to tell me this? I was having a pretty good day, so I sighed and went to apply my fake blood.

He picked me up again around seven, and we went to his house to wait for his friends. I convinced him to put on a little fake blood too, so I wasn't the only idiot walking around in full make-up.

His friends arrived and we piled up in his car. They immediately started smoking. (And if anything really pisses me off, it's people smoking in my face.) I didn't say anything, but my defenses went up and I became really hostile. I gave everyone the Glare Of Death. I mean, really. I could be allergic to cigarette smoke or something. You could at least ask. I couldn't even properly breathe anymore. I did my very best not to cough, though.

We started the tour and I was really quiet, because I was still angry about the cigarettes, and because I felt I was on the verge of a panic attack. So I just sort of stayed very hostile, not saying much, only making mean remarks. I think I was trying to scare them away from me. :-/

We received a free apple, and I told the Ex I would throw it at the first person who tried to scare me. I know, not nice. I was just really not myself.

I did throw it at the first person who tried to scare me, by the way. I hit him in the chest (I think, it was quite dark by then), but he didn't really react. The Ex gave me his apple, and I got the next one in the arm. Still not really a reaction. *Sigh* I have no aim.

One of the "ghosts" thought it would be fun to yell in my ear. I wish I'd saved my apple for him. I did yell back at him, though, and he looked sort of guilty.

The tour was very long, and I've been having trouble with my left knee since Monday two weeks ago (I think I messed something up during Sports.), so it got really hard for me to keep walking. I went to sit down in the grass next to a concessions stand, while everyone else was getting a drink. Another one of the "ghosts" came up to me and pointed at the empty beer bottle lying next to me.
- "There's an empty bottle."
- *Glare Of Death* "It's not mine."
- "No littering here."
- *Wishing I had an apple* "It's not mine."
- *Smiling* "You should really throw that away."
- *Exasperated sigh* "I don't even drink alcohol."
- *Smiles, stares at me*
- *Doing my best to shoot laser beams out of my eyes*
- *Stares*
- *Sighs, gets up slowly, wincing from painful knee, picks up bottle, carries it to concessions stand, limps back, sits down very slowly*
- "Yeah. We're all clean people here."
- *Glare Of Death*

The Ex went over to have a little talk with the "ghost" when I told him what had happened, but he just wandered off and didn't even apologize. Was I in the wrong here?

The tour finally ended after about two and a half hours of walking (or, well, limping).

The Ex had noticed that I had trouble with his friends smoking in the car earlier, so he asked them not to smoke in the car as his dad had asked to borrow it the next morning and he didn't want it to smell of smoke. We weren't even underway for five minutes when BitchJunkie sitting next to me lights up. Ex notices.
- "Hey, I asked you not to do that."
- "What?"
- "Smoking in the car."
- "Oh."
And she just keeps smoking.
AAARGH! ACK! Seriously! Stupid social phobia! If it wasn't for that, I probably would have taken the cigarette from her, thrown it out the window and given her a lecture about smoking and selfishness. Really, if you want to kill yourself, go right ahead, but don't give other people cancer while you're in the process, mmmkay? thxbai!

Ugh. I really have a thing about smoking.

Anyway, that was yesterday. I didn't really do anything worth mentioning today, so I'll end here.

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