October 30th, 2006


If I didn't know that you loved me, would you tell me?

Nothing really happened today, so I'll not mention every single boring therapy session.

I did go out alone after lunch, to go to the piercing-shop (My dad has agreed to let me make an appointment for next week), but it was closed. So I bought some more clothes.

I think Salem likes me. He keeps teasing me and smiling at me and always saying yes when I ask him if he wants to play Uno. I'm not entirely sure, though. Oh, he did say I had a sweet-looking face (I showed him a Halloween-picture of me with the fake blood and goth make-up, and he said he wouldn't be scared of me because he knew I was a nice girl. I said he wouldn't know I was a nice girl if he didn't know me, and that's when he said I had a sweet-looking face). I still don't really know if he's really interested, though. Stupid insecurity.

And that's all from me, folks!

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