October 31st, 2006


Of elephants and bad jokes

I spent all day in ergotherapy and in the living room, playing Uno. Interesting, isn't it?

I did go back to the piercing-shop after lunch, though. Joe and Salem decided to tag along.

We were merrily walking along when all of a sudden there was... an elephant? In the middle of the city?
Us: 0_o
Elephant -_-
Us: 0_o
Elephant: -_-
Us: 0_o

Anyway, it sort of reminded me of that old joke:
A guy spots a man throwing powder on the city streets.
- "What's that powder for?"
- "To keep away the elephants."
- "But there aren't any elephants here!"
- "Great powder, eh?"
Readers: 0_o
Okay, not funny. I guess the powder stopped working, though.

I don't really know why the elephant was there, but I did pet it. Yay, I can add "elephant" to my "Animals I've petted"-list, which already features a camel, a tiger and a yak, amongst others.

Anyhoo, we went to the piercing-shop and I made an appointment for next Wednesday. Yay! I'm all excited!

Joe decided he wanted his nipple pierced and will be coming along on Wednesday.

Salem also decided he wanted a piercing (between his thumb and his first finger on his left hand), so he'll be coming along too.

I should really get a hefty discount for bringing so much business to that shop. :P

That's about it for today. No therapy tomorrow, but I'll be going to the graveyard with my dad, so I'll try to write something remotely interesting about that.

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