November 4th, 2006


Of typical "me"-stupidity

Phew, LJ's working again. I wanted to write my daily blog yesterday and I couldn't get on. I'll just change the date for this to yesterday.

Okay, so, Friday: I don't really remember what happened during the day, but after therapy, we went bowling.

I had to go home first to go get my scooter (my dad drove me to and from the hospital, but he had to go back to Brussels, where he lives). We checked the oil and found that my scooter was almost empty, so my dad drove to the store real quick to go buy some. We refilled the oil, and then my dad left.

It was still a little too early to get going, so I went inside and played a game. After that, it was still a little early, but I was getting too nervous to wait any longer.

So I went outside and started my scooter. CLUNK! 0_o

Yeah, I should have probably removed my lock before I did that. Now it was all stuck in my rear wheel. I succeeded in getting it open, and getting a part of it untangled, but it was still stuck and I couldn't get it out. Time to panic. I called my dad, but he was already back in Brussels. So I had to call my mom. *sigh* She did agree to drive me, though.

I arrived late, but everyone else arrived even later.

Bowling was sort of fun, though I was still quite nervous. Couldn't win, either (though I didn't really want to win).

Oh, I gotta go, the Ex is here. I'll finish this when I get back.

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