November 6th, 2006


Of sucky games and more Salem-insecurity

Well, Geralda really did leave this time. Sadness.

Salem, Maggie, Libby and me moved on to Group 2. It's really sort of the same thing, only with much more free time. That should change in a week or two, though.

We still have Sports on Monday (it's for all the groups together), and it was very Not Fun. They put all of our names on separate Post-Its and then stuck them on the wall in a random order. The purpose of the game was to get to the top of the list by challenging people whose names were above yours. You could challenge them to pretty much anything. If the person with the higher ranking lost the challenge, the names were switched on the wall. I quickly ended up at the bottom, because, well, I suck, and I really, really couldn't bring myself to challenge someone. Salem wanted last place, though, so he challenged me (I don't really know whether he really wanted last place or just thought I looked sad sitting all by myself). I actually won at hoola-hooping (my hoop stayed up for, like, a whole second while his fell down instantly), so I ended up being, like, eighteenth or something. I still can't tell if he likes me or not.

And that's about it.

Basket Case

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