November 8th, 2006


Of facial metal and pick-up lines

Remember I wrote about the elephant in the middle of the city a few days ago? Bet you all thought I was crazy, huh? Well, I have photographic evidence, suckers! :P

Ass Of Elephant:

Side Of Elephant:

Head Of Elephant (With Suspicious-Looking Kid):


Anyway, I should describe my day, right? Right.

Well, we started off with the start of the day meeting (obviously). After that: Communication training, in which they told me I've not yet found my authorative voice. The ratties seem to disagree, though. :P

Then, I had a private therapy conversation with one of the nurses, Jo. She actually made me cry. She did apologise afterwards, and asked me if it was okay to kind of push me over the edge again the next time. I said it was alright, because, well, I don't really say much otherwise.


Piercing time! Salem and Joe made me go first. I did ask Salem to hold my hand, though, because, well, scared. The piercing guy took his time making measurements and moving the markings about until I was happy with them. (I admit, I was sort of being a PITA, but dude, these things cost 50€, mmmkay? I want them done right. Piercing Guy didn't seem annoyed, though.)

I closed my eyes for the actual piercing, because I'm a chicken. Not that I would actually have been able to see the guy do it, but still.

And hello! to the pain. It only really lasted about a second, but ouch! I shivered both times, but I apparently managed to keep my head kind of still, because Piercing Guy said I did a good job.

He had to put in extra long rods, because I apparently have big lips. I have to go back next week to get some shorter ones inserted. (These are longer to allow for swelling.)

After me, it was Salem's turn, but he couldn't get the piercing he came for. He didn't have enough loose skin between his thumb and first finger. He's trying to think of something else to pierce now.

Joe did get his nipple piercing. He didn't scream, but he did go "UNGH!" when the needle went in. His piercing looks really good.

Back to therapy. I sat around in ergo, getting bored because I was still trembling too much to draw. I ended up watching Salem knit. (Yes, he knits.)

I think I did drop some kind of hint today.
Salem (At his knitting): *Grumble*Stupid knitting*Grumble*Kiss my ass!
Me: I'll refrain from doing that. (pause) In public, anyway.
Salem: 0_o

I don't really know how well that went over. He didn't run away screaming, though, so I guess it's all good.

After that, we had Making Music, where we sort of all just sit around and sing songs, or listen to a song someone has brought along. I made everyone listen to "The Motivation Proclamation" by Good Charlotte, and nobody complained. They all really liked the lyrics. Yay!

End of the day meeting.



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