December 13th, 2006


Sick of my sickness and interesting adventures with The Sims

Ugh. So I spent the better part of yesterday in my bed, battling the Cold From Hell and its close friend, the Headache From Purgatory. So I didn't do very much yesterday. Oh, except for teaching my dad how to play The Sims. He's addicted now. *Evil laughter* After that, I slept some more.

Today, I actually succeeded in dragging myself out of bed and all the way to the department. Go me.

Oh, I suppose I need to tell you, gentle readers, why Monday's entry was so... well... weird.

I let Salem read my diary.

Not a good idea, I know. That's why I'm in therapy, you know, because I can't think clearly.

Anyway, after he'd read it, he wanted to have "a talk" with me. Which is never good. "Talks" with Salem tend to end up scattering my entire universe into a gazillion tiny little fragments. This time was no different. So I had to do the whiny selfish rant bit so I wouldn't just run off home and slit my wrists. Or take sleeping pills. Or, you know, do a generally "Not Good Thing". *sigh*

I still fucking suck. That is all.

Basket Case