April 19th, 2007


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What Kind of Kisser Are You?


Physical Kisser
Dude you're all hands. It's not just about their mouths for you, it's about their face and neck and ear and body and just about anything else you can touch. You take in the whole package when you make contact with someone. You're kissing sessions should be long and take place in comfortable environments where reclining can be involved.
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Which Type of Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Right For You?


The Artistic and Confident Type!
You need a partner who quietly draws the real you out. Your partner must understand that you are very self-satisfied; therefore you might not always be the best communicator. You need someone that loves to have fun, but also has the capability of concentrating on a great classic film. A creative and confident prospective is what you need. Stay far far away from the needy ones!
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What's Your Nighttime Personality?


Study Owl
You get your best work done at night. You love to read until the sun comes up. It's quiet, which means no interruption. Characters like Napoleon and Cesar are your midnight company. Enjoy your solitude.
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