May 19th, 2007


Basket Case's Wacky Adventures! - part two

So, remember Possibly-Interesting-But-10-Years-Older-Than-Me Guy that I mentioned like, once, in passing? (No, you don't.) (I'd link to the post in question, but I can't be bothered right now and there's no useful information there anyway.) (So there!) (Now, where was I?)

Ah, yes. Well, he was there again tonight (last night?), which, yay!, but then he proceeded to get drunk and update us all on his (non-existent) sex life of the last few years. In gross detail. Ew.

And then he confessed to Libby that he had feelings for me. Which, kind of scary. 'Cause yay with the feelings, but ick on the guy. (Yeah, I can't be bothered to construct coherent sentences anymore, either. It's half past two in the morning, mmkay?) I mean, thanks dude, really, but no thanks. I'm too grossed out now. Sorry. Also, I like the Bartender now. And he's actually my age. And I don't know anything about his sex life. Which, good. But he wasn't there. Which, *pout*.

Someone up there really enjoys messing with me.