July 8th, 2007


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So, okay, (and what kind of a way is that to start a sentence?) (a bad one, I tell you.) I should probably be totally proud of myself and all happy at the moment, but I'm not. Because tonight kind of utterly sucked. I should probably start at the beginning.

Rudy was gonna have a (catered) barbecue today, to which all of us psychos were invited. The mail also said that "partners were very welcome". Seen as I'm too pathetic to actually have a partner, I invited Trisha (who recently finished therapy at Kortenberg, and has been coming along with us to the bar for a few weeks now) to come along. I checked with Rudy if this would be okay, and he said it would be great.

Tuesday I went to the bar with Salem, and he had some bad news for me. Turns out Rudy was just too scared to actually tell me that he didn't really want Trisha to come along, so he told Eleanor to tell Salem to tell me to tell Trisha she was uninvited. What are we, like, six years old? And you don't uninvite people! Especially if you can't even tell them to their face! Seriously, dude, you're like, sixty! Grow the fuck up and learn to deal with consequences!

Anyway, I decided to stick with my friend, and not go to the barbecue either. I, by the way, directly informed Rudy about my decision via text message. Of course I received no answer, but then, I wasn't really expecting one. Or not from him, anyway. I'd probably hear about it through five mutual friends. *eyeroll*

So tonight was horribly boring, because, well, no Bartender Guy, and the bar decided that turning off the music and screening Live Earth was a good idea. Yeah, no. If I wanted to see the Pussycat Dolls perform, I'd - I'll never want to see the Pussycat Dolls perform, so that point's kind of moot, but hey, it wasn't fun. (We were too late for FOB, at least that would have kind of made the experience bearable.) (Or they just didn't show them on BBC, I'm not sure.)

Trisha wanted to go home at half eleven, for which I'm totally not blaming her, because, man, BORING!, but it also ruined every chance I might have had to see Bartender Guy, because he usually only comes in at around one o'clock if he's not working.

So now I'm just kind of annoyed and a little pissed off at, oh, about everyone for going out and having fun while I'm trying to be a good friend and getting totally punished for it.


Oh, well, at least I scored some Karma points, right?