July 10th, 2007


Whiny selfish rant, part 56842597415696

So, okay, (and I need to stop beginning my sentences like that) I'm probably only feeling this bad because I've been off my meds since Friday (that's what happens when you can't even remember to ask for a prescription), but it still utterly, utterly sucks.

So it's been pretty much agreed upon that I'll be going to the bar with Salem on Tuesdays now. Except that, well, he can't be bothered today, and everyone else I've asked has pretty much told me to sod off.

Must have been one great barbecue. It's made everyone hate me. Isn't that just awesome.

I'm just gonna go scream at things while crying my eyes out some more. Fun.

ETA: I'd go by myself, but it would probably just be totally stalkerish and pathetic and I'm pretty sure I'd just burst into tears anyway.