August 1st, 2007


(no subject)

Right, okay, so what's happened since the last update.

Eyeliner Guy never called. And now I'm sort of worried that he actually got run over by a bus. Yeah, I'm still insane.

I gave Bartender Guy a birthday present. I don't know if it was appropriate at all, but I thought what the heck. He didn't really seem very enthousiastic about it, but I did get a kiss on the cheek, and he came over to keep me company while Salem was off to McDonald's to get food. Oh, and while we were playing darts (Trisha and me) he came over and stuck my arrow in the bull's eye. And then he sort of stared at me for the rest of the evening. But that was last week. Haven't seen him this week.

I think that's really about it, actually. I'm still quite boring. Meh.