October 30th, 2007


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Hi! I'm still alive! *crowd boos*

Okay, so the Great Hair Dye Experiment of 2007 is officially a failure. I wanted to dye it white in the front and all kinds of colors at the back. Colors, no problem. White? Yeah, no. I've tried pretty much everything. I mean, I used actual bleach out of pure misery. Didn't change a thing. Seriously, my hair's bleach-resistant. There has to be some way I can make money off of that, though. Right? I could make black wigs for emo kids who are prone to bleach-related accidents?

So now it's sort of blonde at the roots, and dark orange at the tips. Not pretty. But hey, it's Halloween, I'll just incorporate it into the costume. Whatever. I'll just dye it purple or something on Thursday.

I'm off to make wigs!
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