November 21st, 2008


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I finally got around to picking up my new bank card with a personalized design. Guess what I put on there.

(Crappy cellphone picture)

Awesome? (And maybe also a bit pathetic, but hey, that's me.)
Yes, I know Jon's half cut off, but the design website was a pain in the ass and this was the best I could do. :(

ETA: Don't bother stealing, it's not a credit card. ;)

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All right, time for this week's song.

I picked This Is The Sound by The Exies. It's from their album A Modern Way Of Living With The Truth.

I love Scott's voice. It's so soft and raw at the same time, and I could seriously listen to it all day.

I chose this song because I really connect with it. It just really gets to me. It fits me.