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With a little help from my friends

Yay, I actually have someone who reads my blog besides Star! Go me! *Does little dance*

Well, yes, for me it is worth getting excited about. I have no life, okay?

Now, everyone go read heartland1119!

Back? Alrighty then. Now, what did I do today? (Gosh, I wish I had a memory that actually worked.)

Oh, I went shopping with Walt again. Bought some Christmas cards and a Corpse Bride key-chain (well, it's really cute!). I really need to get started on those cards, I still have about 40 to write. Last year I only had, like, 5, and most of those were for people I hadn't talked to in years. Okay, I'm still pathetic, but less, yeah?

Salem was really nice to me today. I don't really know why, but hey, I'm not complaining. He got kind of upset after he'd had a conversation with his therapist, though, and he didn't want to let me comfort him. *sigh* I feel like a lousy friend now, though I really couldn't have done anything differently. Stupid brain. *sigh*

Hey, at least the Cold went away. *shrugs*


Basket Case
Tags: absurd, salem, therapy
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