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Ignorance is bliss

There's a show on Flemish tv about a beauty contest, Miss Belgian Beauty. It has a delicious kind of self-depricating humor. It's sarcastically witty. I'm addicted.

But I don't get people who want to be in a beauty contest. You can go on about personality as long as you want, but in the end, it's about superficial beauty. That's why they're called beauty contests, people. I don't know, to me, beauty means very little. It's a very subjective concept. What I think is beautiful will be something completely different from what you think is beautiful. So I don't get girls whose whole sense of self is based on other people finding them "pretty".

That said, if you're fifty pounds overweight and have a nose the size of France, it's probably not a good idea to try to win a traditional beauty contest. I mean, really. Some of these girls were uglier than me. And I'm pretty darn ugly.

They did make me feel slightly better about myself, though. It's not often that I get to say "My God, she has more cellulite than me!". (Yes, I talk to the tv.) I wonder if they've ever looked in a mirror. Though if they have, they probably see something completely different than what the rest of the world sees. I get that too, but I tend to see myself as something way worse than what other people see. Or so I'm told.

I wonder if I'd be different if I were pretty. If I'd still be me, or one of these people whose world collapses when they have a bad hair day. I know, not all "pretty" people are like that. But the ones in this contest are. Maybe it's better to be one of them. Less worries, yeah? Because, all they have to worry about is wrinkles and zits. And I honestly don't think they cry themselves to sleep every night. They put on a facial mask, have their boyfriend assure them they're still gorgeous, and fall asleep within two seconds of their head hitting the pillow. *Sigh*

I don't know. Part of me despises them and part of me wants to be like them so badly it makes my head hurt. Meh. At least I know Italy isn't in Belgium. (I wish I was kidding, but two of them actually answered "Italy" when asked about their favorite spot in Belgium. Yes, two of them.)

I have absolutely no point here, gentle readers. Just random ramblings. You'd better get used to it, I suppose.

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