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This place is so empty, my thoughts are so tempting

Had a consultation with Jo today. She agreed it would be for the best if I continued therapy elsewhere. So she'll arrange for me to have an intake conversation in Kortenberg (an actual loonie bin). It's even worse than I thought, I suppose. *sigh*

I'll have to stay over there during weekdays, so I'll have to get my dad to feed the ratties. I hope they don't forget who I am if they only see me on the weekends. *Le sigh*

God, I am so messed up.

I actually called the Ex again, just 'cause I was so friggin' lonely. Not a good plan. At least I didn't ask him to come over.

Oh, and I cried on Salem's shirt today (whilst he was wearing it, obviously). Gross. Yeah, let's deposit snot all over the one person who still (maybe) cares! Great idea!

Ugh. I'm going to bed.

Basket Case
Tags: depression, salem, the ex, therapy
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