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*Insert interesting and punny title here*

Well, my grandmother still thinks I badly need a haircut, but at least she didn't mention my ass this time. Improvement!

I went to see "Bobby" with Salem. Mostly because they weren't playing anything remotely interesting we hadn't already seen.

It wasn't too bad, I suppose. Except for the fact that I kept suffering from the "It's That Guy!"-syndrome. Darn, I knew I should have read all the names on that poster! At least I recognized Joshua Jackson and Elijah Wood. Points for me! Not a lot of points, of course, because, well, brain-dead people would recognize Elijah Wood. "Look, it's that little hobbit!" they'd gurgle through their oxygen-masks, "And there's Pacey! Oh, Pacey! You were so much more interesting than that boring Dawson-kid! Pacey & Joey 4-eva!"


I think I'll go to bed now.

Basket Case
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