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I feel sort of silly mentioning this, but, well, I've nothing else to write about, so meh.

I found out Friday that another girl from the other clinic (You'd really think I'd name these things, but nope.) is coming to Kortenberg.

I've never had much personal contact with her (Ewwww, get your mind out of the gutter!), but she seems to be really outgoing and she's totally prettier than me (which isn't hard to do, but still).

She'll be in my group (there's a free spot) of 8 people and I just know that she'll make fast friends with all of them and I'll just end up somewhere in a dark corner, trying very hard to blend into the wallpaper.

And I'd actually just started to get along with one or two people, and I'm sure they'll like her better. *Pout*

I know it's not her fault, but it's just so damn annoying. Am I not lonely enough as it is? Do I really need to be followed around by pretty popular people who ruin my entire pathetic excuse for a life? What's she doing in therapy anyway? Can't she go pick on some other poor slob with no life?

*Deep breath*


I think they need to up my medication.

Basket Case
Tags: depression, rant, therapy
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