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Remember the way we used to be

I haven't heard anything from Linda. I really hope she won't wait another two years before contacting me again. She used to be social phobic too, by the way. (Is it just me or do I know way too many people with that disorder?) I don't even know if she still has it.

I miss her. We used to be best friends, us against the world. We were the outcasts at school. The weird nerdy kids. We wrote each other letters during class. We called each other every night and talked about absolutely nothing for two hours.

We still wrote each other letters during our first years of college, but we only met up once a week. And then only once a month. And then only on our birthdays. And then not at all anymore. No letters anymore either.

I kept sending her text messages, though. Only once a month or something, not too stalker-ish. I hardly ever got an answer, until last week, that is.

I'm really quite pathetic, aren't I?

I just wish that she would just tell me if she didn't want anything to do with me anymore. I could at least stop trying.

*Le sigh*

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