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I hate happy people. They make me even more miserable. I mean, really. Can't you just be suicidal and lonely like normal people?! *Sigh* Okay, maybe I'm just jealous.

But why can't I have that? Why can't I find someone who makes me want to smile 24/7? Am I really that bad a person that I don't deserve to be happy? (To which my mind answers: "Yes, you are!" Stupid mind.)

I think I just have some kind of genetic defect that prevents me from ever being happy. Maybe that's what the antennae on my chromosomes are for. (Yes, I really do have antennae on my chromosomes. No one seems to know what they do.) Which would make it an utterly hopeless situation.

Of course, looking like a naked mole rat and being social phobic doesn't really help with the whole finding-someone-to-make-me-happy-thing. *Le sigh*

Sorry about the whining. I'll try to write something more upbeat next time.

Basket Case

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