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Daily annoyances

Please don't send me an e-mail to tell me my wristbands have arrived when they haven't. I got all excited and happy, and had my dad drive me to the store, only to find that they had no clue what we were on about. Not fun. I mean, I don't like to leave the house. At all. So when I do, I'd like it to be worthwhile.

Also, why the heck are you staring at me? I mean, really. I looked fairly normal today, and I'm not even wearing The Pants Of Awesomeness, so you've no reason to stare. You know what, in about a month, I'm going let them put some metal in my face, and then you can stare at me, mmkay? For now, you can stare at the 50 year old guy in the red tank top and the leather pants and the colored sunglasses who's eyeing a quad because he's obviously in some kind of midlife crisis. Now he's stare-worthy.

Basket Case

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