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Okay, update. So, as usual, we went to the bar Friday, where everyone but me decided to get competely wasted. Which was kind of funny, until Bartender Guy arrived, and Libby thought it would be fun to make him pose for a picture with me. Everyone else thought it was hilarious. It's funny how the earth never opens up and swallows you whole when you want it to.

I spent the rest of the night throwing apologetic glances towards Bartender Guy, and trying to keep everyone from breaking down the entire bar. And then Salem threw up at me (thank God for my good reflexes). And then I went home.

Oh well, at least Joe has agreed to come with me on Tuesday so I can officially apologise to Bartender Guy.

By the way, my gorgeous new layout was made by the lovely janine42584. You've got mad skills, hun.
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