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Oh, the drama!

Still alive. Barely.

My hair's still attached to my head, which is good. It's gone a nasty green color at the ends and it's all dry and fuzzy, which is less good. Maybe it's not as bleach-resitant as I thought. There goes my wig-making fortune.

I've officially erased Bartender Guy from my phone. I shall not be able to send him embarrassing texts while I'm half-asleep anymore. I'm sure that sentence is grammatically incorrect, but I'm too lazy to go back and change it. I'm also sure that he'll be very happy to know that I will be completely ignoring him from now on. I can practically hear him doing a victory dance right about now.

One of my "friends" "forgot" to invite me to her party. Note my excellent use of sarcastic quotation marks. I mean, seriously, people, if you don't like me, just friggin' tell me, mmmkay? I know it's a novel idea, but just give it a try. I don't need you to pretend. I'll just stay out of your way.

That is all.
Tags: bartender guy, rant
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