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I'm finally feeling a little bit better, so I decided to go out as usual. I invited This Guy along who I've been occasionally talking to over the internet for about two years.

I mostly just sat there for like an hour just staring. Man, he looks good in person! Nice, too. So, of course, I fell in love once again. Typical. Though slightly different, because this time I actually wasn't just thinking about not being alone anymore. It just felt really good to be near him.

As he was about to leave, I decided to accompany him outside for a moment. I said "there's something I want to do, and I hope it's okay", and then I just kissed him. Go me! He kissed me back, so I guess it really was okay. We kissed for about another five minutes. I was shivering, and it wasn't just from the cold. My knees were actually buckling. Am I pathetic yet? Anyway, I'm going to see him again tomorrow, mostly to talk about this. We both have trust issues, so that's kind of necessary. I just hope it works out. Fingers crossed!
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