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All You Need To Know About Me
Name:Basket Case
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Current location:Belgium
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color and Length:Pink, shoulder-length
Shoes You Wore Today:None
Your Fear:Being lonely
First Thought When You Wake Up:Still not dead
Best Physical Feature:Don\'t have one
Who Is Your Bestest Friend:Salem
When Is Your Bedtime:Whenever I\'m tired
Pepsi or Coke:Coke
McDonalds or Burger King:McDonald\'s
Single or Group Dates:Single
What Is The Last Song You Sang:Breaking Benjamin - Dance With The Devil
Do You Drink:No
Ever Been Drunk:No
Do You Smoke:No
What Color Underwear Do You Have On:Blue
Have You Ever Been In Love:Yes
Do You Want To Get Married:Yes
Do You Like Thunderstorms:Yes
How Many CD’s Do you Own:A lot
How Many DvD’s Do You Own:Even more
How Many Tattoo’s Do You Have:1
How Many Piercings Do You Have: 9
Favorite Shoes:Converse
Favorite Radio Station:Don\'t have one
Favorite Drink:Fanta
Favorite Car:Lotus Elise
Favorite Song:At the moment: Fall Out Boy - Golden
Favorite Movie:At the moment: Brokeback Mountain
Favorite Color:Purple and black
Favorite Meal:McDonald\'s
In a Guy/Girl or Man/Woman I Like…
Favorite Eye Color:Green
Favorite Hair Color:Black
Short Hair or Long Hair:Long
Height:Taller than me
Body Type:Doesn\'t matter
Tattoos:Yes, please
Piercings:Yes, please
Right Now
Right Now, What Is Todays Date:2/3
Right Now, What Time Is It:8.45 PM
Right Now, Who Are You Thinking Of:The Boy
Right Now, What Are You Listening To: Theory Of A Deadman - No Surprise
Right Now, Do You Love Some One:Yes
Right Now, Does Someone Love You:I doubt it
Right Now, Is It Raining:No
Right Now, Are You Happy:No
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Created by shadow_in_the_dark, taken 160 times.
Created at - Kwizzes, Polls and Surveys!

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