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Still not sleeping well.

Whenever I do fall asleep, though, I have amazingly lucid dreams. I mean, for the last few months I've always known when I was dreaming. I don't think I even have normal dreams anymore. None that I can remember, anyway. Usually I just know in the back of my head that, hey, this is a dream!, and then I kind of forget about it until something bad happens and I just change it. I don't even get scared.

Last night, I dreamt I was back in my old house with my mom, and I had pet turtles instead of ratties. I loved them just as much, though. I stepped on one of them by accident, and it fell to dust. I just swept it all up, put it in a bag, and waited. After a few minutes, dozens of baby turtles crawled out of the bag. I made that happen, just by believing it would. No, I think it was more of a knowing.

Most of my interventions are small like this, and they don't disrupt the flow of the dream at all, because I don't really have to concentrate on changing things, and therefore I can just get back into it. Other times, though, when really bad things happen, like ghosts or monsters, I have to focus on getting them to go away, or on turning back time so I can take a different course of action. After that, I never "forget" it's a dream again, and usually I just end up going around telling people they're in my dream. To which they usually just go "0_o". It's just like real life!

I've been thinking about this me being anonymous thing on LJ. I'm not sure if there's even a purpose for it anymore. So, vote?

Should I remain anonymous?

Yes, I don't care who you are anyway.
No, I wanna see what you look like.
Yes, I really don't want to see what you look like. SRSLY
No, because then I can stalk you!!1!!! MUHAHAHAAA*coughchokesplutter*haha
With the what now?
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