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Dreams again

I keep dreaming about this guy who used to be in my class from when I was about 4 to when I was about 13. We weren't close friends, and I've only seen him once since, hitch-hiking by the side of the road. The Ex and I were going to pull over, but the bus arrived and he took that instead.

However, I've dreaming about him for years. Not often, but enough to notice a pattern. We're always together in these dreams, and he makes me feel safe and loved. He is always nice to me and he never upsets me. That's strange because everyone I dream about is evil now and then, and no one ever means the same thing to me twice.

I just really don't understand why it's him. I've never had a crush on him, and I don't think we ever really even talked. One of my friends did have a crush on him for a while, but they only went out once.

I think I should maybe look for him, but what would I even say? *sigh*
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