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Let's not agree to disagree

I like to argue.

I do, really. I like to exercise my brain by coming up with arguments. I like to know other people's views on things, and have them try to convince me to see it their way, and try to convince them to see it my way.

Problem is, I've no one to argue with. I don't really talk to my dad much, and I'm not allowed to disagree with The Ex. (Which is why he's an ex.) So that pretty much leaves Star. And she doesn't like to argue. Which is really sad, because there's tons of things we'll never agree on. Pretty much the only thing we have in common is the social phobia. Besides that, we're about as different as you can get. She likes light, I like darkness. She likes dogs, I like cats. She likes colors, I like black. You get the point.

*Sigh* I think I'll just go lurk on The Fuselage and live vicariously through all the arguments on there.

Basket Case

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Tags: rant, the ex
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