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Friday was weird. Weird in the "oh my DOYC, my life is one big cosmic joke"-way.

First of all, and this has nothing to do with Friday, bartender guy the fourth never called. He also didn't really talk to me when I dropped by his bar, and he didn't answer the text I sent him. Meh.

So, okay, Friday.

I'd met this guy on Facebook, and we'd been flirting a little bit, you know, just having fun. Then he sends me a message asking if I would like to drop by, as he was working in the city that night. Three guesses as to what he does. No, seriously. He's a BARTENDER. What the heck is wrong with my brain?! It has sponaneously generated a bartender-radar-thing! AHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, the gang and I went to our usual bar first, as he was only scheduled to start working at 1 am. And who do I spot sitting there in the middle of the bar? Dream Guy! At this point, all I could do was laugh until my insides started to hurt. How is my life even real?

The rest of the gang started telling me I should totally go over and start a conversation, but he was talking to a friend, and I was way too weirded out anyway. They kept nagging, though, and eventually I went over while his friend was getting a drink. The following happened.

(Mad drawing skillz, yo!)


On the other hand, Facebook Guy turned out to be really nice, and he asked for my number, and he sent me a text.

(DOYC= Deity Of Your Choice)
Tags: bartender guy the fourth, dream guy, facebook guy
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