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My knitting. Let me show you it.

Yes, I have actually taken up knitting at the ripe old age of 24 and have officially turned into an old woman. I shall now lock myself into the house, emerging only to go buy rat food and more wool, all the while threatening kids with my cane and yelling "Get off my lawn!". I shall be known as "Crazy Rat Lady". I may have had a little too much sugar, also.

I made these:


Okay, they're a little irregular and the ears are sort of shapeless and weird-looking, but so am I, people! SO. AM. I.

Also: Spencer Smith, I approve of your latest attempt to get into Ryan's pants by actually stealing his clothes and then proceeding to make googly eyes.


AHAHAHAHA! Let me know if it works.
Brendon Urie, it should be forbidden by law to be that cute. Srsly.
Tags: absurd, bandom, knitting, patd

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